Deb Woods, MD

Deb has 15 years of training as an anesthesiologist and years of working in the hospital. But that didn’t stop her from a career change when she fell in love and had a family. With different priorities, her calling in life changed, but not her passion to help people. It was an easy “yes” when her friends begged her to do their botox; and that is how an MD came to focus her talents on helping people feel good about themselves. So it was love that brought you Seamless Skin MD.

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What I love about Seamless Skin M.D. is that these are real women, working with real people, with real concerns. Whether you are looking for prevention or a full face lift, these ladies take you under their wing and make you feel amazing.
— R. Coburn

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1) What is your why?  - Because It’s OK to want to feel FABULOUS in your skin!

2) What is your background? - Years and years of med school. And so many needles, I don’t think there is a part of the body I haven’t pierced.

3) What are 3 of your essential beauty secrets? - Botox early and forever, true love, putting yourself first. 

1) What is your why? - I love to see my clients reactions when they get the results they were looking for.

2) What is your background? - When I turned 29 I realized I needed to start taking care of my skin, and I have been working in the beauty industry ever since. After 6 years and running my own business, Pure Nails & Skin Boutique, I got the opportunity to branch out and offer even more services, and I haven’t looked back.

3) What are 3 of your essential beauty secrets? - Face wash, toner, sunblock, eye cream, and moisturizer. I know thats more than 3, but a basic product routine is sooooo important! Then of course after I got my first round of Botox, loved it, and filler, I got hooked.

1) What is your why? - Nothing is more rewarding than making someone feel AMAZING about themselves!!

2) What is your background? - 26 yrs in the industry means I have done it all. I’m forever the learning student, the teacher and a huge advocate for this ever changing industry.

3) What are 3 of your essential beauty secrets? - Regular exfoliation, Vitamin C Serum and a life filled with lots of laughter.

1. What is your why? - I want people to feel as healthy and vibrant as I do.

2. What is your background? - I became a professional raw food chef in 2008, which launched my pursuit of all things healthy and healing. I then became the body care and supplement buyer for Whole Foods. And finally found my calling with colon hydrotherapy. I am a detoxification specialist and certified colon hydrotherapist. I like to help people beautify from the inside out.

3. What are 3 of your essential beauty secrets? - A little bit of sunshine every day, but not too much, organic whole food, and exercise.